South Plymouth

Emergency Plumbing Company in South Plymouth

Available Anytime – Day or Night, Every Day of the Week

Unanticipated plumbing issues can cause a lot of inconveniences, and they certainly don’t align with regular business hours. Recognizing this, we at 8th Bend Plumbing provide steadfast emergency plumbing services for the wider Plymouth County region around the clock. Promptness and readiness are the cornerstones of our operations.

If you discover a leak or any other plumbing problem in your residence, time is of the essence, and waiting is out of the question. No matter when disaster strikes, our dedicated 24-hour dispatch team is here to ensure you communicate with a qualified plumber posthaste, guaranteeing a call back typically within 10 to 20 minutes.


Upon establishing contact and evaluating your plumbing situation, our master plumbers will enact one of the following protocols:

Where feasible, they will meticulously administer a temporary fix, curtailing the immediate problem, and allowing you to postpone further repairs until standard service hours, thus circumventing the need for after-hours fees.

Rest assured, whether it’s a boiler repair, gas installation, or something like a hot water heater replacement — our certified team is equipped to bring swift resolution to any or your emergency plumbing needs in the South Plymouth area and beyond.

Feel free to contact 8th Bend Plumbing at your convenience for a no-cost estimate or to address any inquiries you may have. We’re here to assist you with expert plumbing solutions.